Paradigms in Physics: Energy and Entropy

Course name:
Paradigms in Physics: Energy and Entropy
Course number:
PH 423
Course credits:
Class meeting times:
7 hours of lecture per week for five weeks
Recommended PH 213
Course description:
Thermodynamics and canonical statistical mechanics.

Schedule from Fall 2020:


Welcome sessions
Learning to use the software for remote learning

Before classes start
  • Anything else?
  • Introduction to Gradescope
  • PH 423 photos permission
  • Why Physics?

Wednesday 9/23
Syllabus and remote learning
Thermodynamic properties
State variables
  • Checking for Intensiveness / Extensiveness
  • Extensive Internal Energy

Math Bits:
Building the PDM
  • Building the PDM: Instructions

Friday 9/25
Math Bits:
State variables on the PDM
  • group Physical Properties of the PDM
  • Classifying Variables as Intensive or Extensive
  • Spring Force Constant

Monday 9/28
Math Bits:
Derivatives are observable
  • group Isolength and Isoforce Stretchability on the PDM
  • face Derivatives Are Observable (Lecture)
  • face Thermodynamic Systems (Lecture)

Math Bits:
PDM Dictionary
  • group Name the experiment (PDM Dictionary)

Wednesday 9/30
Math Bits:
Representations for derivatives
Holding things fixed
  • Derivatives from Data (NIST) LO2
  • Translating Contours

Math Bits:
  • face Zapping with d (Lecture) TM2
  • Zapping With d 1

Friday 10/2
Math Bits:
The Multivariable Chain Rule

Math Bits:
Interpreting Derivatives
  • face Interpreting Differentials (Lecture)
  • Coffees and Bagels and Net Worth LO3
  • Isolength and Isoforce Stretchability

Monday 10/5
Math Bits:
Systems of Equations
  • group The Isothermal Bulk Modulus
  • Paramagnet (multiple solutions)

Wednesday 10/7
Math Bits:
Chain Rule Diagrams
  • face Chain Rules (Lecture) TM1
  • Rubber Sheet

Friday 10/9
Ice calorimetry lab
  • Microwave ice calorimetry lab questions

Monday 10/12
First and Second Laws of thermodynamics

Wednesday 10/14
Second Law
  • Adiabatic Compression LO5
  • Bottle in a Bottle
  • Bottle in a Bottle 2

Friday 10/16
Discuss free expansion
Melting ice activity
  • face Heat Capacity and Entropy
  • group Melting Ice Lab
  • Melting ice lab questions LO2 LO4 LO6 LO7

Monday 10/19
Changing entropy
Heat and Work
  • Free Expansion

Wednesday 10/21
Midterm review
  • face Energy and Entropy Midterm Review
  • face Energy and Entropy midterm equation sheet
  • face PH 423 Differentials Review
  • Midterm practice
  • Midterm practice
  • Midterm practice
  • Midterm practice

Friday 10/23

Monday 10/26
Math Bits:
Internal energy on PDM
  • face Internal Energy on the PDM (Lecture)

Math Bits:
  • group Cat Elevator
  • PDM Elevator (Student Data)

Wednesday 10/28
Engines and Fridges
  • face Other views of the Second Law
  • face Heat Engines
  • Heat Pump
  • Power from the Ocean
  • Power Plant on a River
  • Violating the Second Law

Friday 10/30
  • Name the Experiment

Monday 11/2
Thermodynamics practice
  • face Ideal Gas
  • group Analyzing a Simple Cycle Using a \(p V\) Curve
  • Hot Metal Cube
  • Isothermal/Adiabatic Compressibility
  • Non-Ideal Gas
  • Plastic Rod LO4 LO5 LO6 LO7

Wednesday 11/4
  • face Finding entropy review

Friday 11/6
Math Bits
Legendre transformations
  • group Legendre Transformations on the PDM
  • Bungee
  • Helmholtz Free Energy of a Van Der Waals Gas LO6
  • Temperature Change of an Ideal Gas
  • Using Gibbs Free Energy

Monday 11/9
Thermodynamic potentials
Maxwell Relations
  • face Thermodynamic Potentials
  • face Maxwell relations
Remember to make Ideal gas internal energy homework not optional for next year.
  • Ideal gas internal energy LO6

Wednesday 11/11

Friday 11/13
Thermodynamics Practice
  • group Name the experiment (Maxwell relations)
\begin{align*}\left(\frac{\partial {S}}{\partial {V}}\right)_{T} \quad \left(\frac{\partial {S}}{\partial {V}}\right)_{p}\end{align*}
Move plastic rod to the next HW for next year.

Monday 11/16
Black Body Radiation
  • face Thermodynamics of black body radiation
  • face Review of Thermodynamics
  • face Quasistatic Revisited
  • group Black Body Objects

Wednesday 11/18
Thermodynamics and statistics
Statistical Approach
  • face Thermo and Statistics Intro
  • face The fairness function
  • group Demonstrating Extensivity in the Fairness Function

Friday 11/20
Statistical Approach
  • face Maximizing fairness (least bias)
  • face Thermodynamic properties from the Boltzmann factor
  • Boltzmann probabilities
  • Diatomic hydrogen LO8
  • Gas in the atmosphere LO8
  • Heat capacity for particle in a box LO8
  • Nucleus in a Magnetic Field LO6

Monday 11/23
Using the Boltzmann factor
  • group Interstellar medium

Wednesday 11/25
Also taking physics out of integrals

Friday 11/27

Monday 11/30
Statistical mechanics of air
  • face Quantum Spectra
  • face Diatomic ideal gas
  • group Internal Energy of a Diatomic Ideal Gas

Wednesday 12/2
Statistical mechanics of air
  • face Recap of activity
  • face Limiting Cases

Friday 12/4
Finish Statistical mechanics of air

Tuesday 12/8
Final exam
  • Defect states
  • Gibbs free energy
  • Hot computer
  • Ideal gas cycle LO6 LO7