Translating Contours

  • Energy and Entropy 2021 (2 years)

    Consider the diagram of \(T\) vs \(V\) for several different constant values of \(p\).

    1. Translate this diagram to a \(p\) vs \(V\) w/ constant \(T\) graph, including the point \(A\). Complete your graph by hand and make a fairly accurate sketch by printing out the attached grid or in some other way making nice square axes with appropriate tick marks.

    2. Are the lines that you drew straight or curved? What feature of the \(TV\) graph would have to change to change this result?

    3. Sketch the line of constant temperature that passes through the point \(A\).

    4. What are the values of all the thermodynamic variables associated with the point A?

  • Media & Figures
    • figures/PV_Solution.png
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