Small Group Activity: Multiple Representations of a Quantum State

Quantum Fundamentals 2021
Students re-represent a state given in Dirac notation in matrix notation
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    • 2422/amplitude_graph.png
    • 2422/mreps1.png
    • 2422/mreps_arms.png
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    • 2422/p_histograms_multiple.png
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    • 2422/amplitude_graph_color.png

Represent the state:

\[\left|{\psi}\right\rangle = \frac{1}{3}\left|{+}\right\rangle + \frac{\sqrt{8}}{3}e^{i\pi/4}\left|{-}\right\rangle \]

  1. in matrix notation (using the \(S_z\) basis)

  2. with a graph of the coefficients (probability amplitudes)

  3. with the arms representation

  4. with a probability histogram

Quantum Mechanics Quantum State Arms Histogram Multiple Representations
Learning Outcomes