Student handout: Visualization of Divergence

Static Fields
Students predict from graphs of simple 2-d vector fields whether the divergence is positive, negative, or zero in various regions of the domain using the geometric definition of the divergence of a vector field at a point as flux per unit volume (here: area) through an infinitesimal box surrounding that point. Optionally, students can use computer algebra to verify their predictions.
  • group Small Group Activity schedule 30 min. build
    • Dry-erasable plastic sleeves such as C-line CLI-40620.
    • Copies of vector fields for the plastic sleeves.
    • (Optional) Computers running Mathematica
    • (Optional) The Mathematical notebook: How do we reference this??
    description Student handout (PDF)
What students learn
  • Divergence of a vector field (at a point) is the flux per unit volume through an infinitesimal box.
  • How to predict the sign and relative magnitude of the divergence from graphs of a vector field.
  • (Optional) How to calculate the divergence of a vector field with computer algebra.

For each of the vector fields below, decide whether the divergence is postive, negative, or zero in each quadrant. Be prepared to defend your answers.

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Corinne Manogue
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