Student handout: Generalized Leibniz Notation

Static Fields 2021
This short small group activity introduces students to the Leibniz notation used for partial derivatives in thermodynamics, in which the variables being held constant are given explicitly. Students are guided to associate variables to their proper categories.
What students learn
  • Leibniz notation is learned or refreshed
  • Explicit denotation of variables being held constant
  1. In the middle column below, list each variable in the box connected to the description of the role of the variable.

  2. If \(a=c^3+7bc-5b^2\), find \[\left(\frac{\partial a}{\partial b}\right)_c\]
  3. For the same equation, find \[\left(\frac{\partial b}{\partial c}\right)_a\]

Author Information
Corinne Manogue and Ian Founds
Learning Outcomes