The Raising Physics to the Surface project is to create a set of hands-on, discovery-style, discussion-based classroom activities where students develop meaningful understandings of physical systems that depend on multiple variables.

During these activities, students work with custom, dry-erasable, 3D surfaces, corresponding contour and gradient maps, and computer-based models.

The activities span physics topics in classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermal physics.

Overall Raising Physics Project Guide with project background, instructional philosophy and tips, and detailed information about the surface materials. (Each activity below has its own Instructor's Guide, too.)

Remote Instruction: Some of the activities can be run remotely with contour maps. Those activities are tagged with “(Remote)”.

List of Raising Physics Activities




Other Draft Ideas for Activities

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation DUE Grant No. 1612480

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